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Here’s Five Awesome Facts About Water Soluble CBD You Didn’t Know

July 09, 2021

water soluble cbd

In recent years the CBD market has grown exponentially. CBD has been marketed for a variety of conditions from anxiety to pain and has proven effective for many. Oil has been the primary method for CBD consumption.

While effective for many, oil isn’t the most efficient method of taking CBD. Everyone knows oil and water don’t mix, and humans are made up of a lot of water,  ingesting an oil-based product can mean less of that product entering the bloodstream. 

The introduction of water-soluble CBD seeks to increase efficiency and effectiveness of this product.  So what are the advantages of water-soluble CBD? Let’s look at 5 awesome facts you didn’t know. 

Water-Soluble CBD: A Game Changer for Consumer Packaged Goods


Bio-availability is the amount of a drug or medication that can easily enter the bloodstream and be effective. CBD oil has a harder time entering the bloodstream because it first must pass through the digestive tract and the liver. The is means that very little of the ingested CBD is actually making it to the bloodstream.

Water-soluble CBD however, has higher bio-availability, because it travels with water molecules, more CBD enters the bloodstream increasing effectiveness. Often the impact is felt much faster than when it is consumed through an oil-based method. 

The CBD molecules don’t actually dissolve in water, however, they do become more compatible with water and enter the bloodstream along with the water, or beverage they have been mixed with. 

This increase in bioavailability has several advantages. Entering the bloodstream faster means it is likely to work faster, leading to noticeable changes in less time. 

This also means more of the product is being used and not wasted, which in time may decrease the frequency of purchasing CBD. 


A chief complaint amongst CBD oil users is the taste and texture of the oil as well as the potential mess of using a dropper. Edibles, sprays, and beverages, though they may be tastier, have the same issue in terms of bioavailability. 

Another complaint is that it is often difficult to know how much CBD is being consumed when using a dropper or spray, and even more difficult to know how much is actually being absorbed into the bloodstream. 

CBD oils do come in a variety of flavors, however once purchased, the consumer is stuck with the bottle, rather they like it or not. This can lead to purchasing products that are never used, or purchasing a variety of products being purchased for different needs. 

Water-soluble CBD negates all of these concerns. This type of CBD may be mixed into any beverage or food items, allowing for endless possibilities, and just one product. 

It doesn’t alter the taste or the texture of a drink in any way and doesn’t need to be ingested immediately. This means that the CBD can be added to morning coffee or post-workout water without any mess or extra time. 


Nanotechnology is a field concerned with building things at the molecular level. This may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie and not something you would typically ingest, however, this technology is what makes water-soluble so versatile. 

Nanotechnology uses soundwaves to break up CBD clusters, into very small, easier to absorb pieces. This process makes the CBD small enough to dissipate in water molecules. 

This is what makes the CBD soluble in any liquid, from water to pasta sauce to morning lattes. While oil goes through the digestive tract and live, nanotechnology allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream along with the water molecules. 


Because water-soluble CBD is absorbed by the body more easily than other types of CBD, it also more efficient and more effective which can make it a thriftier option for many. 

For avid users, this means that less CBD is needed to gain the same benefits of a higher dose of oil or edibles. Ingesting CBD through oil or edibles requires that it goes through the digestive tract, meaning only a percentage of what is ingested is actually effective, causing more CBD oil to be needed. 

Using less with the same benefits means purchasing CBD less frequently. 

The versatility of water-soluble CBD also helps with its cost-effectiveness. Not only is it less being used, but it can also be used in more ways. This type of CBD can be added to any beverage or food item, allowing the consumer to buy one product for all CBD needs, rather than a combination of different flavored oils, sprays, and edibles. 

Industry Changing

CBD products have been increasing in use and availability for several years, along with the popularity of cannabis-infused products. Water-soluble CBD has the potential to change the market all on its own. 

Currently, there is a variety of CBD products on the market, including oils, tinctures, sprays,  and edibles. Most, however, are infused with CBD oil, which means that a limited amount of CBD is actually entering the bloodstream. 

Industry leaders project that soon, consumers will be able to purchase protein shakes or bottled water already infused with the recommended dose of CBD. No measuring or mess required. 

The innovation of water-soluble CBD will allow for this method to be used to infuse CBD into a variety of food and beverages, making fast, efficient and effective CBD methods readily available for consumers. 


CBD is proclaimed to be effective in treating a variety of health conditions and ailments. For many, it is an important addition to a health care routine. The current methods of ingesting CBD can be costly, messy, and tasteless. 

The use of nanotechnology has changed the way CBD is used in food and beverages, allowing it to be made into a powder, easily added to any food or beverage. 

As the popularity of CBD and cannabis-infused products increase and become more mainstream, it is expected that new innovations in the filed will continue to increase the efficiency and convenience of using these products.